Playful history

Invisible Bièvre

La Bièvre is a parisian river buried since 1910. Today partially forgotten, it however acts as a guiding thread through Paris.

As a student at Central Saint Martins, I imagined a signage interacting with weather conditions, thus hopefully creating a more playful way to access history.

freezes the poorest
in hidden meanders

*At night 
Haussman is no longer the master 
of the river’s bank.

gives to poplar trees
the power of running waters

renders Gobelin the fortune
of its clear water

The landpage assess the number of unique new visitors
and slowly draws the logo of la Bièvre.
This interaction illustrates the idea that individual’s awareness sustains,
reveals and develops the collective memory of la bièvre.

The closer you are,
the louder you ear.

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