Here is a collection of logotypes from independent to in-house freelance projects.

Client Carrément à l’Ouest, (completely spaced out) is a “creative and serious” communication agency based in south France.

self-initated Nomad hostel, a customisable twin bed capsule which can be located wherever you wish.

self-initated Morning Spank, an online art blog presenting an article every morning, for a day. http://morningspank.com/

self-initated Invisible Bièvre, an urban-signage revealing an underground river. http://invisible-bievre.blogspot.co.uk/

self-initated My Action, online guide of creation targeting youngsters.

Client Timothée Levi, a musician playing folk-pop songs.

Client Effet-Mer, An ephemerical theater stage based by the sea.

Client Melanie Shaw, medical herbalist.
Position Graphic designer at Richard P Chapman (London)

Client Le débrouillard, a DIY company made of 3 man.

self-initated Munchies pizza, party pizza offering different side effects.

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