School in Saint Denis

Schools in Saint-Denis

{Building still in progress, more photographs to come.}

This school complex is made of the primary school Taos Amrouche, the nursery school Le Cordouan and a regional gymnasium.

In collaboration with Christine Mathieu, creative director of the graphic design studio atelier l’épicerie, we studied the architecture of Atelier Novembre to understand how graphic design could improve its use.

Unity into the separation. The schools being in a priority education zone, the user flows between the nursery and elementary school are completely separate despite their proximity of being on top of each other.

To minimise the divide, we designed a color system made of camaïeu that will shade greens (3 to 6 years old) on the ground floor to blues (6 to 11 years old) on 1st and 2nd floor. This leveling up from green grass to blue sky will hopefully strengthen the feel of belonging to these different age group.

Create local identity. The complex has been built in a enterily new area between Stade de France (north Paris) and the city of Saint-Denis. The building therefore belongs to Saint-Denis but owns no local history or identity.

We called the nationally renowned and local artist Michel Quarez. For 35 years, he has lived and painted walls in Saint-Denis city center. His art isn’t only local, it also depicts the different ethnicity of Saint Denis. We thought this rare aspect would participate in creating a strong link between the kids and the building. Michel Quarez painted three murals and we designed the signage accordingly to create an overall graphic coherence.

Colors : Christine Mathieu (atelier l’épicerie)
Signage : Paul Pajot (atelier l’épicerie)
Murals : Michel Quarez
Architecture : Atelier Novembre

Nursery school entrance

primary school entrance

Gymnasium entrance

Bonus !
Here is the making of the murals with Michel Quarez :

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